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The mission of SueG.me is to be engaged in creatively solving problems in business and life, and giving back to those in need

About Susan

SueG was conceived in 1949 and launched in 1950 after 9 months of hard labor. In the 65 years of development SueG has gone through many changes; all of which are reflected in what SueG is today.


The themes that have been consistent throughout her professional life are communication, creative problem solving and developing a variety of new entities. Each of her various careers have been centered around one if not all of these themes; creating several units for severe and multi impaired with communication disorders, launching the ad sales for a new national magazine, creating and developing a for-profit business to support a non-profit organization, working with large and small companies to help them communicate internally on a large and small scale and successfully developing and distinguishing her real estate business by specializing in senior real estate, plus a bunch of other fun and not so fun stuff.

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